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  • 2.4 Million

    The only boiler that has had over 2.4
    million installations carried out and not
    one heat exchanger has failed.

  • Remote

    The only boiler in the market place that is monitored remotely, which allows us and you to manage and measure performance, giving you live updates of energy consumption.

  • Environmentally

    The boiler produces the lowest NOx
    emissions on the planet. Ensuring that
    you are receiving your energy in the
    greenest way possible.

  • Intelligent Smart

    Our boilers feature smart-controls with multiple settings which means you can control your heating and hot water from your smart device from anywhere in the world.

Why choosing Cürv Boilers is a good thing…

It’s a stressful time when your boiler breaks down. At Cürv Boilers,
we make getting a new boiler hassle-free AND affordable.

With Cürv Boilers, you’re guaranteed:
  • A fixed and straightforward quote with no hidden extras.
  • Only 4 moving parts, no diverter valve.
  • The option to spread the cost with low monthly repayments.
  • The only boiler that gives notification of when
    a service is due.
  • Our network of local engineers will turn up when we say they will
  • The boiler condenses a 100% of the time no other
    boiler can do this.
  • Qualified engineers doing a quality job – they’ll even tidy up
    after themselves!
  • The boiler produces the lowest NOx emissions on the planet.
  • Complete support from our helpful Customer Service team.
  • Exceptional flow rate, even in areas where water
    pressure is as low as 0.2 bar.

Free Thermostatic
Radiator Valve Kit

Every Cürv Boiler comes with smart wireless thermostatic
radiator valves which feature the following benefits:

  • 7 Days independent programming
    for each room
  • Lime scale protection
  • Frost protection
  • Smart Hot Water Control
  • Monitoring by phone
  • Child lock function
  • Temporary hold function
  • Open window function
  • Low battery indicator
  • Easy to install
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