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Infrared Heating


Infrared Heating

Heating your home in style

Our UK-designed infrared heating units come in three different forms: A stylish and customisable flat panel, which sits inoffensively on any wall, a mirror heater, which acts as the perfect alternative to expensive underfloor heating and a glass towel rail, which keeps both your towels and your bathroom at a comfortable temperature. Each heater is supplied with a free Wireless Room Thermostat and a Smart Phone App, which allows you to take control and monitor your heating costs from anywhere in the world.

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  • Market-Leading

    Our range of UK designed infrared heaters include flat panel, mirrors and glass towel rails and come complete with our revolutionary eco smart controls to bring you a highly efficient, sustainable and affordable heating solution.

  • Easy to Install &

    Run on electricity, so no need to install a boiler or any additional pipework. Our heaters have the capacity to heat your entire house, they can be turned on and off as required and produce heat almost instantly with £0 annual maintenance costs.

  • Why

    Infrared works like the sun, heating solid objects and the fabric of the building and then radiating the warmth back into the air. This creates an even heat distribution in the room, and helps to prevent damp and mould growth.

  • Intelligent Smart

    All Cürv heaters have smart controls with multiple heat settings that can be operated via a wireless room thermostat or our app – which also allows you to track your heating costs. They’re Lot 20 Compliant and come with ‘Open Window’ sensing.

  • Simple

    Quick and Easy to Installation with a multi-directional bracket, all of our infrared heating panels run on electricity, meaning there’s no need to spend unnecessary time and money installing a boiler or filling out additional paperwork. Unbox.. Mount.. Plug & Play.

  • Child

    For nurseries, schools, and any other locations where child safety is a priority, all of our heaters have child-lock functions, which maintain the surface temperature of our panels at a safe 43°C.

  • Open Window

    Our heaters come fitted with open window technology, which detects a sudden drop in temperature, preventing unnecessary energy consumption when heat is escaping the room. The Curv open window is Lot 20 - 2018 EU Regulations Compliant.

  • Health

    Infrared heat isn’t reliant on circulating heated air (like a typical convection unit), which reduces the amount of circulating dust, improving respiratory functions with clear benefits for asthma sufferers. Infrared heat helps to reduce damp & mould growth.

Infrared Ceiling Tiles

The Cürv ceiling tiles Slimline, modern and versatile, the Cürv ceiling tile range is an exceptional comfort heating solution for grid ceilings. The 375w and 750w radiant tiles can be discreetly installed to provide direct and effective warmth. The Cürv ceiling tiles do not come with in-built controls. Please use the CRS2500 wireless thermostat and control box, which can control up to 6 x 375w & 3 x 750w panels. (sold separately)

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Thermostat Control Box

The Wireless Thermostat With Control Box

The Cürv CRS2500 wireless thermostat or equivalent can be used to control the temperture of the Cürv ceiling tiles. This will ensure full compliance with European energy saving regulation (ERP Lot 20).

(Only for use with ceiling tiles.)

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Room Thermostat Included
(Links up to 8 heaters)

Every Cürv Infrared heater comes with a smart wireless room thermostat - allowing you to create individual room zone controls - and it works seamlessly with the Cürv Smart app. Each room thermostat can control up to 8 Cürv Infrared heaters if required.

Manage temperature using the multiple heat settings, and set times and schedules for each day of the week – giving you complete control over your comfort.

Supplied With Every Heater!*

*excluding ceiling tiles
room thermostat
infrared app

Free Infrared App

Take control of your heating settings with the Cürv app for IOS & Android. The Cürv Infrared app enables individual room heating control from anywhere in the world via your smartphone. All functions are only a swipe away, which makes staying in control of your heating requirements simple and quick. The Cürv app is fully programmable, allowing you to create personalised 24/7 heating schedules – and it even has a built-in monitoring system, so you can keep tabs on the cost of running your heating. The app is easy to install and connect to your Cürv Infrared heating system.