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The Future of the Smart-Home

Smart-home technology has recently become something of a phenomenon. If you would’ve asked a homeowner five or six years ago if they thought that they would be able to connect their house to the internet and have it automate various day-to-day tasks, then they probably wouldn’t have believed you.

Now, though, most homeowners are the proud owners of at least one smart-device. Whether it’s a TV or a virtual assistant, these pieces of technology are changing the way that people interact with their homes, and it’s this streamlined process that’s establishing smart-tech as an essential feature of any home.

Although there are plenty of products on the market, home-tech is still in its infancy, with many parts of the home yet to be incorporated into the smart-home model. The technology is rapidly developing into other areas, establishing smart-tech as a key feature of future homes.

Surveillance and Security

Surveillance systems aren’t anything new to the home market, but we are beginning to see home security gradually becoming a key part of the smart-home. Until recently, smart-tech has been reserved for heating systems and TVs, but products are appearing that create a smarter approach to protecting your home. We can expect to see smart-systems that link (via Wi-Fi) your smartphone, your home alarm, and your surveillance-tech.

Kitchen Appliances

Home-tech products are appearing in almost every room of the house, but the kitchen is lagging behind. We can expect to see an increase in kitchen-related smart-home products appearing on the market, as manufacturers release items such as smart-fridges – which monitor the amount of food available, suggest recipes, and even order your weekly shop for you. We can expect to see this type of technology extend to other appliances, such as ovens, toasters, and microwaves.

A Bigger Focus on the Homeowner Personality

What makes smart-technology smart is its ability to learn and change behaviours as a result of what it has learned. As it develops and becomes more intelligent, the homeowner can expect home-tech to learn more about their personality from analysing their habits and routines. This will allow home-tech products to further streamline day-to-day processes that are subjective to the homeowner.

More Functions

Smart-tech is already making life easier for homeowners all over the world. No longer do you have to worry about missing an appointment, or forgetting to order the shopping, or leaving the comfort of the couch to turn the heating off – but this is just the beginning. The technology is becoming more and more prominent; in fact, it’s such a desirable feature of a home that it is playing a role in driving house prices up.

Not only can we expect to see home-tech spreading to other areas of the house, but we can also expect it to increase in functionality. As the technology develops into a resource that fully streamlines our time at home, we can expect it to learn from us and automatically adjust to our preferences – without manual intervention.

Full Home Integration

As it stands, each home’s selection of smart-home products act separately as standalone devices, linked only by the person who uses them (or their virtual assistant) – but as the technology develops, we can expect to see devices becoming more integrated with each other. As devices learn how to work together in response to the things that you do within the home, creating an even more streamlined approach to how we carry out day-to-day activities.

Get a Taste for the Smart-Home

Whether you’re a smart-tech aficionado or you’ve never even thought to make your home smarter, take a look at our range of products that will make life that little bit easier for you. If you’re still a bit unsure as to whether you want to invest in some smart technology, take a look at the reasons why you should.

Sep 26 2018