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Going Green: 5 Benefits of Making Your Property More Eco-Friendly

Have you ever wondered how the very place you live and lay your head could be placing the environment under intense strain? Think about it: everything you use in your home consumes energy, and all types of energy affect our environment one way or another.

In the recent decade, eco-friendly homes and communities have been receiving a lot of hype in response to the negative impact that conventional homes have had on the planet. If you’ve decided to paint your house green (figuratively speaking), then you’ll be pleased to hear that you will not only help preserve the environment but you’ll also be able to enjoy some, if not all, of the benefits below.

It’s Cost Effective

You may think that the premium set aside to make your home ‘green’ is too great to provide any realistic return on investment. However, that’s simply not true; for starters, studies have shown that with growing energy costs, making your home eco-friendly can save you significant amounts of money on an annual basis.

The key to a successful sustainable home lies in the planning. If you really want to create an eco-conscious home, you will have to invest in energy-efficient solutions like infrared heating, which may be costly to acquire but will pay off quite significantly in the long run.

It’s Better for Your Health

You’d be surprised how many standard quality products aren’t optimal for the health of the residents due to the materials they’re made from or used during the manufacturing process.

Volatile organic compounds (or VOCs), for example, are known carcinogens, irritants, or toxicants found in many paints, plastics, building materials, and indoor products; while some traditional building materials are prone to moisture buildup that can lead to toxic mildew and mold. Both VOCs and molds pose a lot of health risks, including breathing problems and even cardiac arrests. But you can avoid these harmful chemicals and environmental pollutants by choosing to build with eco materials, thus creating a safer home environment for your family.

It Requires Less Maintenance

If you like something that’s low maintenance, then you’ll love a good eco-friendly home.

As you should be able to tell by now, the main goal of a green home is to build something that lasts for as long as possible. That means eco building materials are often safer and more durable; they help you cut down on repair costs since they don’t require as many frequent fixes. The minimum need for upkeep and extended lifespan can also help to reduce your home’s impact on the environment – which brings us to the next benefit…

It Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Making your home eco-friendly is one of the most effective ways to reduce its carbon footprint… but what’s carbon footprint? Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere caused by an individual, event, organisation, or product.

A sustainable home that’s enhanced with energy-efficient home tech products reduces your environmental footprint and your contribution to waste and pollution. So it should come as no surprise that green homes have tremendous positive effects on their surrounding environments and ecosystems.

It Increases Your Property Value

Thanks to the increasingly more noticeable benefits that they can offer, green homes are becoming more and more highly sought after, and as such attract a much higher property value than their non-green counterparts. As people start to turn towards a more natural and environment-friendly way of live, the costs are only going to go up. Therefore, adding green touches to your home now will put you in a very desirable position in the future – and you may not even have to wait long!

Dec 08 2018