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How Home Tech Helps the Elderly

Whether you’re an older person looking to make your home a little easier to manage, or you’re a younger adult who wants to make sure that your elderly relatives are safe at home, home-tech is changing the way that older people are managing day-to-day tasks. Generally, older generations and technology don’t mix, but times are changing: as tech is incorporated more and more into homes, it is proving to be a valuable asset to the older homeowner.

The Smart-Thermostat

Cold weather affects the elderly more than anybody else, and the winter months can be particularly harsh on older people. Experts recommend that the elderly make sure that their homes are regulated at 18°C, because this is the best temperature to maintain good health. The issue with this is that regulating this temperature can be difficult (and costly), especially when it’s cold outside and the property quickly loses heat.

This is where the smart-thermostat comes in handy – a device that allows users to choose a temperature and monitor how hot or cold the home is. It maintains this temperature by activating the heating system when it becomes colder and disabling it when it becomes too hot.

This also allows the homeowner to manage their spending, because the home isn’t losing heat unnecessarily – plus, these devices can be easily linked to a smartphone, allowing relatives to remotely monitor the temperature of the older person’s home.

The Smart-Home Assistant

You’ve probably seen the adverts that feature speaker-like devices answering questions about the weather, but did you know that there are more to these smart-home assistants than meets the eye? These devices can be integrated with existing smart-home products to control a home without ever having to lift a finger.

Users can instruct these assistants to control lighting, heating, and other processes that would otherwise involve some sort of movement on the homeowner’s part. This is particularly useful for an elderly person who has difficulty moving around their property, because they don’t have to cause any unnecessary stress on weak joints by standing up to go through with the process.

Virtual assistants usually have human-like voices, which experts believe help older users who are living alone to combat feelings of loneliness. If you’re someone who has lonely older relatives, this news gives you the peace of mind that they won’t feel isolated while you’re at work or unable to visit.

The Video Doorbell

Old age opens people up to a range of problems that can generally make them more vulnerable. If you’re a family member who has to leave elderly relatives on their own, one of your biggest concerns will naturally be that they remain safe in your absence. The video doorbell is a great way to keep track of who is coming and going from an elderly person’s house, and it allows the elderly person to see who is ringing their doorbell before they commit to opening the door.

Not only does it prevent elderly people from opening the door to unexpected (and unwanted) visitors, but the presence of the camera prevents people who have the intention of committing doorstep crime from approaching the property for fear of having their image captured. Video doorbells can also be connected via a smartphone app, which informs the user of the presence of people at the door, meaning younger relatives can take quick action if the elderly person is in a vulnerable position.

The Smart-Light-Switch

If an elderly person doesn’t have a home-assistant to turn their lights on and off for them, they can invest in a smart-light-switch, which is designed to be fitted to almost any surface. This means that older homeowners can position their switches in more accessible locations, and they won’t have to make any unnecessary movements that might cause them harm.

Smart-light-switches work by generating kinetic energy, which is then converted into a radio signal that reaches a receiver within the light and instructs it to turn on or off. This technology means that light-switches can be installed without excessive wiring or the drilling out of walls.

Creating a Safer, Smarter Home

Whether you want to take care of a loved one or you just want to streamline your own processes at home, smart-tech is a truly efficient way to cut down energy costs and maintain a safe home environment. Take a look at our products to see how you can start your smart-home experience.

Sep 26 2018