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How Infrared Can Save You Money

Discovered in 1800, infrared has been developed and innovated to help with household costs and to encourage people to cut down their unsustainable energy usage. Along with being eco-friendly and having various other benefits, the main selling point is that infrared helps save money.

Here, we look at exactly how infrared technology can save your household money:

1. Goodbye to installation costs

From the get-go you’ll be saving money, thanks to the easy installation process of infrared heaters. There’s no need to hire a professional or pay for expensive pipework or boilers, because infrared heaters are simply a plug-in-and-play type of system.

Your infrared heating system comes with an easy-fit wall bracket, fixing kit, installation guide and mounting template, and a 15 year warranty. By avoiding large set-up costs, you’re already saving money by choosing infrared, before you even switch the heater on!

2. Maintenance free

Another money-saving incentive is that infrared heaters are maintenance free. As infrared systems have no moving parts or liquid elements, the systems won’t need to be serviced and will help you incur savings that would usually go towards maintenance costs.

3. Less energy, less money

Using an infrared system consumes less energy than conventional heating systems, which helps to reduce your bills. You no longer have to turn your heating on in advance to warm up rooms because infrared systems are at full temperature as soon as they’re turned on.

Due to infrared technologies heating objects as opposed to spaces, you can avoid heat escaping via draughts or air circulation – which helps to reduce the time you need the amount of running time for your heating system, therefore reducing energy bills.

4. Renewable energy

The cost of fossil fuels – like gas and oil – is getting more and more expensive. As an infrared system runs on electricity you’ll be cutting costs by avoiding more expensive fuels. If you have solar panels installed, you can even use your own renewable energy to power your infrared system – giving you the chance to eradicate a huge chunk of your energy bill.

5. Room by room

If you currently have a central heating system, when turned, all your radiators will get to work. Well, with infrared heating you can select which room to heat up and once again reduce your energy bills. Due to the instantaneous heating of infrared panels, you don’t need to worry about the efficiency of running multiple units at once, and can simply heat the rooms that are in use.

6. Surface area

Rather than have the same sized radiators or heaters in every room, you can buy the right size panels for your room. Our calculator helps you work out the panel sizes you’ll need for each room. Infrared isn’t a one size fits all. You can cut down on costs by buying the appropriate size, so your heating system is tailored exactly to your home.

7. Focused heating

As infrared systems heat objects, it’s easy to focus the warmth on the places which need it most. This helps to cut down heating bills –– especially in open plan or outdoor spaces. With your infrared system you’ll also receive a smart wireless thermostat and a smartphone app, which gives you ultimate control over your heating system. Being able to control your heating from anywhere and everywhere will help to stay on top of your heating requirements and you’ll begin to see a decrease in your energy bills.

8. No house repairs

Infrared heaters are extremely friendly to your home. You can forget about any dampness or mould, because these systems keep your walls paper-dry. Any money spent on house repairs due to peeling paint or mould build-up will be gone and crossed off your expenses list. Infrared technologies make your home warm without damaging it, and help prevent condensation wear and tear that comes from traditional heating systems.

There you have it – all the ways infrared heating will help you cut down the costs and ramp up your heating. Take a look at our infrared heating range and see how these stylish heaters will feel right at home in your property.

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Feb 20 2019