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How to Take Home-Tech Outdoors

How to Take Home-Tech Outdoors

Home-tech doesn’t have to stay hidden inside the house, it’s more than just taking control of your heating or showing off the latest wireless thermostat. Home-tech meets the outdoors and changes open spaces into a hub of smart-technology.

Outdoor-tech is the next big thing, so whilst you’re taking on the outdoors, you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t be without the latest gadgets. We’ve put together our top picks on how home-tech can be taken outside.

The Smart Sprinkler

It may seem a little far-fetched to invest in a smart sprinkler when you can simply flick a switch, however, the smart sprinkler helps you to save money, save time, and take better care of your garden.

It has the word smart in the name because that’s exactly what it is, smart. It’s able to tell you all about the weather – from humidity to wind levels, and even the best time of day to water the garden. This modern day of watering the lawn automatically configures time scales to know what’s best for the soil to ensure it stays healthy and vibrant. By segmenting your watering times the smart sprinkler actually saves you money on your water bill.

Like all smart-technology it can be controlled remotely from wherever you are on a smartphone app.

Security Cameras

Smart-tech isn’t just something cool to look at, it’s also there for your safety and security too. The concept of outdoor cameras is relatively old news, but smart cameras come with added features and gadgets to increase your safety at home.

Smart cameras can come with built-in light fixtures, video recording, and live streaming. Smart cameras give you that added home security no matter where you are in the world.

Stay Connected

Everything’s online now, right? So make sure your outside areas are too. If your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach the back garden then thank goodness for outdoor technology, because with a wireless access point you’ll have internet access right down to the bottom of the garden.

Whilst you’re enjoying the weather or simply doing a spot of gardening, using a smart-tech extender will give you unlimited access to upload those nature snaps to Instagram.

The Light Way

There’s plenty of talk about smart lighting inside the home, but not much has been mentioned about how you can light the way up outside using the latest home-tech. Motion sensored LEDs are no longer for inside the house, you can use them outside along your driveway or pathway up to the door.

Not forgetting about solar lamps either, take advantage of the latest home-tech to help make your outdoor areas more green and reap the benefits of making your property more eco-friendly.

If you use your outdoor spaces for entertainment then home-tech lights are definitely the way to go. Whether it’s a quiet gathering or you’re having everyone round, there are various lighting options from colour changing bulbs to decorative spotlights – your outside areas never looked so snazzy.


Alexa, play #ThrowbackThursday playlist on Spotify.

*cue Michael Jackson*

Time to give Alexa some fresh air and let her experience the outside. Upgrade your outdoors with smart speakers and the latest entertainment technology to ensure your time outside is never a dull one. With various speaker options you’ll be spoilt for choice, and you’ll even have the opportunity to choose from speakers that look like rocks to compliment the outdoor decor.

If you want to go a step further and really bring the outdoors to life, then investing in a smart theatre system is the way to go. No, we don’t mean creating your very own Greek-style amphitheatre, smart-tech makes things simpler for you – all you need is a projector.

Smart projectors are Wi-Fi connected (the internet extender will come in handy here), bluetooth compatible, and have built in speakers. Whether you’re having a movie night or watching the big game, an outdoor projector will really help to showcase your outdoor areas to be on top of its smart-tech game.
Time to take your home-tech outdoors and give your outside areas a gadget boost. If you’d like to know more information on how to take advantage of the outdoors the smart way, then get in contact with us online or Tweet us @curv360.

Mar 19 2019