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Smart-Home Gifts for Technology Lovers

Looking for that perfect gift for the tech-loving homeowner in your life? You can stop looking because we’ve found the top eight gift ideas – all you need to do is wrap them up!

  1. Security Camera

Give someone the gift of comfort and peace of mind with a wireless HD security camera, which allows remote viewing from a smartphone from absolutely anywhere. With a 2.4-inch screen, 110 degree-wide-angle vision, and an HD lens they’ll have optimum viewing when it comes to viewing their playbacks.

There’s no need to worry about poor visibility when night falls because with infrared night-vision, this camera won’t miss a trick. This smart system notifies the user of unusual activity, so it’s the simplest and safest solution for the security-conscious.

  1. Smart-Home Alarm

With a smart-home alarm, your favourite tech-lover will be able to connect their smartphone to our free app to arm and disarm the system remotely. The smart-home alarm can be set on-the-go or from home, so it’s a lifesaver for forgetful homeowners! Now, that’s what we call smart.

With a colour display screen, multi-language support, and entry/exit delays, the smart-home alarm is the ideal gift for someone tech-savvy.

  1. Smart Lights

Light up anywhere in the house with an LED wireless light – just peel and stick, simple! This motion-activated light uses 70-90% less electrical energy compared to a normal halogen lamp. The perfect present for anyone who cares about energy consumption and loves tech gadgets.

The light, known as a “healthy light”, doesn’t emit any harmful ultraviolet or infrared radiation. The light’s motion sensor detects movement within a 1.5-metre range and turns off 20 seconds after the user leaves that range.

  1. Video Doorbell

We’d like to introduce you to everyone’s new best friend – the wireless HD video doorbell. Answer the door from anywhere in the world with instant notifications straight to your smartphone. Waiting for a delivery but need to pop out? The two-way audio feature means you’ll be able to speak to the delivery driver and ask them to leave your parcel in a secure place or with a neighbour.

The video doorbell provides a clear image both day and night thanks to infrared night-vision and the doorbell connects to the internal mains, so you can hear those chimes wherever you are in the house.

  1. Wireless TRV – that’s a Thermostatic Radiator Valve…

And it’s more exciting than it sounds! Save someone some money by gifting them this easily installed wireless WiFi room thermostat. Fitted with auto, manual, holiday, frost, and off modes, the TRV can operate a separate program for every day of the week. This gift is designed for independent heating control with remote usage via a smartphone. On the way back from work? Use the app to turn the heating on so it’s warm when you get home.

With a four-year warranty guaranteed, the TRV fits 99% of radiators. Give the gift of warmth to your tech-loving friends.

  1. Wireless Light Switches

These smart switches can be used to control lights, fans, and anything that you can successfully connect to the receiver. Pressing the switch generates enough kinetic energy to switch on and off a lamp – this means no batteries in the receiver, therefore making it a lot more environmentally friendly!

  1. Smart Kettles

What’s a better present than a good old cup of tea? If there is one, we don’t know of it. So, it’s time to forget getting out of bed early to put the kettle on, because a smart kettle does it for you. Synchronise your daily routine to the smart kettle for when you wake up or when you get home from work so there will always be a hot drink waiting for you.

It’s not just practical, it’s stylish too. With a sleek and elegant design, a smart kettle is the perfect gift for that friend who’s constantly on the move and sometimes just needs a tea break to catch their breath.

  1. Smart Hoover

Why spend precious time doing housework, when technology can help? Fitted with motion sensors, smart vacuum cleaners are able to detect obstacles and furniture, so there’s no worry about coming home to broken chairs and scraped tables – just a lovely, clean house.

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Dec 30 2018