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Smart-Home Predictions for 2019

We are well and truly living in the era of the smart-home, but home-automation technology is still in its infancy, despite several large (and small) companies offering specialist smart-home devices. Each of these electronics is designed to make your life that little bit easier, linking your home to innovative technology that streamlines your day-to-day processes.

Whether it’s playing music from a voice command or monitoring who is coming and going in your property, smart-tech is changing the way we live our lives. It can be used to increase the value of a property and it can be used to make small spaces more efficient, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down, with other areas of the home being incorporated into the smart-home model.

We think that there are some key smart-home trends that will emerge in 2019, here’s what they are…

Smart Speakers Will Be King  

Smart speakers are already at the forefront of the smart-home, acting as an entry-level smart-product for homeowners to experience the benefits of making their homes more connected. You can tell them to play your favourite song and you can even link them to other smart-devices to create a more holistic smart-home experience.

Although they are pretty big already, the role of the smart-speaker will continue to develop as users start to integrate other elements of the home with their smart-home assistant. They will become the central smart-device that links the rest of the home to the user. Thanks to smart speakers, people will be able to reach a new level of home-automation without ever lifting a finger.

The Smart-Home Offering Will Shift

The current smart-home model is focused solely on devices that make daily life easier for homeowners, but product developers won’t stop there – after all, at the rate that the industry is developing, it won’t take long for the smart-home market to become saturated with devices that control every element of the home.

In 2019, we think that product developers will begin to offer smart-home services on top of the existing device offering. The smart-home of the future could include services that link you to other real-life people with real-life offerings – it could be that you’ll be able to ask your smart-home assistant to order you a takeaway and pay for it at the same time, for example.

More Areas of the Home Will Be Made Smarter

Smart-home products are developing rapidly, and as it stands, there are key areas of the home that have benefited from intelligent device development – the kitchen has the smart-fridge, the living area has the smart-bulb, and any room can benefit from the smart-assistant.

But there are some areas of the home that have been neglected when it comes to smart-home devices. In fact, product developers are currently working on ways to make the bathroom smarter – think along the lines of smart-shower heads that monitor water consumption and self-cleaning toilets.

We Need More Scheduled Automation

Smart-home devices are great for automating your home and making things that little bit easier, but they would benefit from a greater ability to schedule that automation for a seamless experience. For example, everyone has a morning routine that they follow, and it usually involves the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

Your morning routine is unique to you, and being able to link your smart-devices could save you vital time in the morning. You can already tell your coffee machine to prepare your morning brew for when you wake up, but combining all of your morning smart-home elements into one automated routine will be the next step for the smart-home in 2019.

Make Your Home That Little Bit Smarter

Whether it’s improving the security of your property or establishing a more efficient heating solution for your home, we’ve got a range of devices that can streamline your day-to-day life and make those laborious tasks that little bit easier.

Jan 17 2019