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Smart-Home Solutions for Your Tiny Apartment

When you think of a smart-home, images probably come to mind of huge semi-detached suburban houses that have been fully equipped with the latest integrated smart-tech, but this technology isn’t exclusively available to those fortunate few. Although advanced home-tech will integrate with your property and change how you manage your heating or electric usage, there are simpler ways to make even the smallest homes smarter.

The majority of people who live in tiny apartments are typically young adults who are just getting established before they move onto larger spaces. This makes smart-tech a desirable feature in smaller apartments, because it fits in with the typical age demographics of tech users. However, the occupants of smaller spaces are generally tenants rather than owners, meaning the major modifications that come with advanced home-tech can’t be made without permission of the landlord.

As such, many will think that the smart-home dream ends here… but it doesn’t! There are smart-tech solutions that you can pick up and take with you when you leave. Let us talk you through some.

The Smart-Light

Lighting can make or break a property. You can use it to create a desired atmosphere, to serve a functional purpose, or to help regulate your sleeping pattern. Incorporating technology into your lighting gives you the power to control all three of these functions at the touch of a button, and its installation doesn’t have to be an overly intrusive process. In fact, the installation of smart-lights is a simple plug-and-play process: all you have to do is install the light into your property and connect it to your smart-app.

There is a wide range of smart-lighting options on the market, from simple battery-powered units that detect your presence and only light up a space when needed, to colour-rich bulbs that allow you to easily alter the feeling of a room at the touch of a button. This means that you can use your lighting to brighten up a small room with neutral colours, making it seem larger.


If you’re looking to transition from a standard home into an integrated smart-home, the best place to start is by using smart-plugs. These work by positioning a Wi-Fi-powered socket between your appliances and your power supply. From here, usage data is collected and then sent to a handy smartphone app, allowing you to monitor your power usage and make changes to your energy consumption.

The smart-plug route is ideal if you want to make a small apartment more efficient without installing larger energy-saving measures such as thermostats: the smart-plug acts as the perfect stepping stone, giving you a taste of home-tech without you ever having to commit to larger modifications.

The Smart-TV

Smart-TVs have grown in popularity in recent years, with homeowners and tenants looking for ways to stop relying on traditional – and often overpriced – TV packages. The Smart-TV connects to the internet and provides access to your favourite streaming services. Rather than sitting in front of a small tablet or a laptop, you can stream popular shows to your TV and watch them in a comfortable living-room setting.

If you’re renting an apartment that already comes with a regular TV, you can upgrade using a smart-streaming stick. You plug this into your existing screen and gain the functionality of a smart-TV, with access to the likes of Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, and Now TV.

Smart-Home Assistant

The smart-home assistant is designed to tie all of your smart-tech together with minimal effort. It allows you to monitor your spending, control your lighting, and make your home that little bit smarter either at the touch of a button or through a brief conversation with your smart-device. If you’re moving on to a larger space, all you have to do is unplug your assistant and take it to your new home – giving you full flexibility to change your space as and when you need to.

Make Your Space Smarter

Whether you’re on the lookout for a way to make your home smarter, or you’re moving into a larger property and want to take your home-tech to the next level, take a look at our range of smart-home and infrared products, all of which have been designed to save you time and money when it comes to your property.

Sep 26 2018