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Smart Home Technology Roundup: December

Time for this month’s roundup of smart home technology and automation news, with Wi-Fi woes, infrared heating and voice assistant tips and tricks all in the mix.


What’s the most annoying tech issue in your smart home? Chances are if you’re anything like the typical Brit, slow internet speed, Wi-Fi issues and the dreaded buffering of web content will be somewhere near the top of your list. A new survey has revealed that more than half of people have experienced a problem related to slow internet, including problems connecting, slow speeds once connected and interrupted streaming. Meanwhile, 15% of people said they got angry about slow Wi-Fi two or three times a week, with 11% admitting to raging every single day. 

New building regulations to impact homes 

Unless you work in the housebuilding or heating industry, it’s unlikely you’ll have heard of the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) 10, but these newly updated assessment criteria could have the power to be the driving force behind the ‘decarbonisation’ of the UK heating industry and could see innovations such as infrared heating and heat pumps being used increasingly to bring down the emissions produced by the average home. From an environmental point of view, this will be welcome, since heating is the biggest source of emissions in the UK (contributing 32% of the total, ahead even of power with 21% and transport with 24%). Experts expect the new criteria to come into effect with the next 12-24 months. 

Tips and tricks for Google Home 

If you’ve added a Google Home to your smart home setup just in time for the festive season, or maybe if you’ve been inspired to explore its features further by the recent news that most Brits only use them to listen to music, a new post from CNET could be useful. The article details eight super cool tricks you can use your Google Home speaker for, including ordering pizza, locking the front door, shopping and setting up a morning routine – including a toothbrush timer which lasts for exactly the amount of time you’re supposed to brush your teeth for. Never get that wrong again! And then order a breakfast pizza to celebrate! 

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Dec 10 2019