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Smart Tech News Roundup: May

In this roundup we bring you the latest smart technology news, including new data calling for many more smart meters to be installed and some head-turning infrared photography. 

Over 50,000 Daily Smart Meters Required To Meet 2020 Target 

51,000 smart meters need to be installed every day if the UK is to meet 2020 targets, according to new data released by strategic energy market experts Cornwall Insight. 

The government had planned for every household in the country to have a smart meter, although for that to happen, Cornwall Insight says installation rates must quickly quadruple.

Ofgem has admitted the 2020 deadline will now be missed, suggesting this is because some suppliers are still installing SMETS1 meters which now don’t count towards the target.

Suppliers have communicated some of the challenges they have faced with the rollout, including poor customer engagement, third-party contracts, and the transition to SMETS2.

The department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is considering its post-deadline policies as it becomes clear that the original targets will now not be met. 

Norfolk Police Utilises Location Technology

Norfolk Police is using the latest smart GPS technology so that people can share their location with the police force and be quickly and easily located when in rural areas. 

Users can share where they are using a three-word address sent directly to the force. 

Norfolk Police has collaborated with what3words, a free app available for iOS and Android, so that people in isolated areas of the country can be better served by their local officers. 

Norfolk’s Chief Constable, Simon Bailey, said: “This technology could be groundbreaking in helping us to continue to better serve and support our communities.”

The announcement came with the release of Norfolk Police’s Rural Policing Strategy Annual Report 2018-19, which outlined how the force must modernise to provide a better service. 

Bailey emphasised the police force’s modernization: “It’s an example of our commitment to the ongoing partnership between the very best in technology and modern policing.”

Paolo Pettigiani Shows Off Incredible Infrared Art 

Finally, we love this incredible infrared art from photographer and artist Paolo Pettigiani, who uses various techniques to capture the infrared light reflected by buildings and nature. 

The special film or light sensors he uses present us with wavelengths of infrared light that usually aren’t visible — creating memorable images of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai for instance.

Pettigiani, who uses full-spectrum converted cameras, told New Atlas his technique “enables the full sensitivity of the camera’s sensor, making it sensitive to UV, visible, and IR light.”

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Jun 28 2019