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Smart Technology News Roundup: October

In this month’s roundup of smart home technology news, we cover the latest celebrity voice assistant cameo, more praise for smart meters, and… the high tech cat flaps of the future. 

Issa-nother celebrity smart speaker voice 

Alexa, can you change your voice? You may have heard the recent stories about Samuel L Jackson’s voice coming to Amazon Echo smart speakers in the near future, and it seems like it’s a trend that’s set to continue. The latest celebrity to sign up for some voice work, this time with Google, is American actress Issa Rae, who will make a limited-time a cameo through the Google Assistant app on iOS and Android, as well as on Google Home speakers and various smart displays, like Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and Lenovo Smart Display. 

Smart meters good for householders and environment 

The rise of smart meters has once again been heralded, this time with Citizens Advice Scotland calling them “good for householders and good for the environment”. Writing on the subject, Dr Jamie Stewart, who is energy policy advisor at the organisation, praised the devices and said the increased control they offer will be beneficial to consumers. Stewart also looked forward to the next generation of smart meters, which it is hoped will give customers even greater power when it comes to choosing and switching energy providers, saying that the recently announced delay to full UK-wide rollout was a good thing. 

Futuristic facial recognition for… cat flaps 

We’ve all heard about fridges that do the shopping for you, replenishing items as they run out, but what are some of the other – slightly more unusual – predictions experts have made for the future of IOT tech? How about facial recognition cat flaps that prevent unwanted feline intruders? That was among the predictions made by futurologist Ray Hammon, in a report for Allianz Partners. As well as that nifty smart home feature, Hammon predicts that, by 2040, robot assistants will make our breakfasts for us (no more burnt toast) and that householders will be able to 3D print clothing, furniture and more from the comfort of their home. 

Smart home technology is constantly evolving, so every month we bring you a view on the news from now and the near future. To start exploring the possibilities that tech could offer your home today – or to expand your existing set-up, shop the whole Cürv range here.

Oct 09 2019