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Smart Technology News Roundup: September

Welcome to this month’s smart home technology round-up, where we look at life-saving tech, the increase of automation-as-standard in new build houses and an extended deadline for the installation of smart meters in UK homes. 

Smart homes that save lives 

Plenty of us are already enjoying the convenience of living with smart home technology such as speakers, doorbells, alarms and IOT-connected kit, but experts say that fully evolved smart homes of the future could have real health benefits for their owners. 

What do we mean by fully evolved? We’re talking about the next generation of AI-powered home technology that not only responds to your touch and voice commands but also your daily routines, movements – and even vital signs such as heart rate or pulse. 

Dorothy Monekosso, Professor of Computer Science at Leeds Beckett University, writes that AI-powered smart home technology could be especially useful for dementia sufferers, who could rely on smart assistance for the safe use of kitchen equipment such as toasters and kettles, as well as monitoring systems that could check if someone has been motionless for an unusual amount of time, alerting relatives, carers or the emergency services to suspected problems. 

More time for smart meter installations 

In a move welcomed by the Citizens Advice Bureau as being good for customers, the deadline for the installation of smart meters in UK homes has been pushed back until 2024. 

The use of smart meters, which help customers better control their energy use and costs, has been steadily growing over the past few years, but suppliers have now been given another four years to install the tech. 

It is estimated that half of UK households will have the meters in place by 2020. 

Smart home tech makes the difference 

The latest research from YouGov shows smart homes are on the in the UK, with almost a quarter (23%) of all homes now being in possession of at least one smart device. Of those, 11% have a smart speaker such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home, while 5% of homes have smart lighting and 3% have smart security in place. 

This rise is causing homebuilders to make smart tech the difference-maker, incorporating automated technology into new build houses in a bid to win the attention of buyers. 

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Sep 04 2019