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Smart Technology News Roundup: August

In this smart tech news roundup we bring you details of the government’s plans to incorporate smart technology into electric vehicle charge points and calls for smart cities from an SNP MP. 

Government-funded Electric Vehicle Charge Points To Incorporate Smart Tech

The UK government is to ensure all of the electric vehicle charging points it installs will now incorporate smart technology, which will minimise the effect of charging on the National Grid.

The announcement from the Department for Transport (DfT) revealed that all charge points must be able to receive, interpret and react to signals, while all allowing wireless access. 

Electricity demand will be reduced, while drivers will be encouraged to charge their vehicles during off-peak times in a move which will cut energy wastage and save consumers money. 

Transport Minister Michael Ellis, the MP for Northampton North, said:

“[the UK] is in the driving seat of the zero emission revolution. Our new requirements for charge points could help keep costs down, ensuring the benefits of green transport are felt by everyone.”

Smart technology is at the forefront of the government’s thinking, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan planning to deliver the “next generation of ultra-rapid charging points” in the capital. 

Smart Technology Must Reach All Communities, Including Villages And Rural Communities

Dr Lisa Cameron, an MP for the Scottish National Party, has written an opinion piece for Politics Home in which she calls for widespread implementation of smart technologies. 

“Innovation is happening now, and it is time to commit ourselves to what could be the next industrial revolution,” she wrote after seeing the potential of smart tech on her trip to the US. 

“I visited midwestern cities where these cutting edge innovations are already being implemented and the benefits have already been felt,” she commented. 

Cameron acknowledged that while 2.4% of GDP has been spent on research and development in both robotics and mobility, as a country “we need to go further.”

She was bold in her assessment: “It is our obligation as part of a continual mission to put the best possible systems in place in hopes of creating the best possible quality of life for UK citizens.”

Tips For Setting Up Home Security Cameras

Last but by no means least, here’s some sage advice from PC Mag for setting up smart home security cameras, which will help you make the most out of your domestic security set up.

From keeping cameras in plain sight to setting up motion detection and securing all accounts, it’s all great advice — and it’s all stuff the Cürv team will gladly help you with. 

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Jul 27 2019