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Using Smart Tech to Manage Your Rental Properties

If you’re a landlord, you might have heard that the next big thing is the smart-home: a property which is fully integrated with technology that allows you to control your home and create a more efficient living environment.

Generally, smart-home living is geared towards the type of homeowner who is looking to increase the value of their property and make their day-to-day life easier. The term isn’t often used in relation to rental properties, and this is either because smart-tech additions don’t directly affect the landlord or because there is a common misconception that smart-tech has to be a permanent fixture.

The truth, though, is that smart-tech doesn’t have to be a large-scale permanent fixture, and landlords can benefit from it even though they aren’t living in the property. In fact, smart-tech is associated with increasing the value of a property, and can therefore make for a more profitable rental.

1. Smart-Security

One thing that tenants are always on the lookout for is a secure property. They want to know that their belongings will be safe from theft and that they will be comfortable in the rental properties. One way that you can add value to your property is to install a smart-security system.

  • Smart-Doorbell: The smart-doorbell will allow your tenant to see exactly who is knocking at the property through a video stream that goes straight to their smartphone.
  • Smart-Camera: Like the smart-doorbell, this home-surveillance system will allow you or your tenant to monitor activity outside the property through a direct stream to a smartphone app.

    Smart-Alarm: The smart-home alarm is a tamper-proof unit that functions in the same way as any other home alarm system. It can be controlled through a smartphone app, it features indoor sirens and outdoor sirens, and it has sim-card capabilities to contact the emergency services.

    Smart-Locks: A system of smart-locks adds an extra level of security to a property due to the keyless features.

2. Smart-Appliances and Smart-Devices

Whether you pay the electricity bills or your tenant does, you can bring down costs by upgrading to efficient smart-home appliances. Different elements of the home are gradually becoming integrated with technology and being thereby made more efficient, helping you and your tenant to keep the running costs of the property to a minimum.

  • Smart-Fridges: These monitor the contents of your fridge and suggest recipes that help to reduce waste and save money.
  • Smart-Plug Sockets: These are the entry-level smart-home devices. They plug into your existing sockets, and your electricals then plug into them. They then collect data about your energy usage and help you to put an energy-saving plan in place.

    Smart-Kettles: Kettles are one of the most energy-consuming types of electrical device that you will have in your property. Smart-kettles monitor this energy usage and help you save on bills.

    Smart-Home Assistant: The smart-home assistant links to your existing smart-products and keeps your life (and your tenant’s) that bit easier.

3. Smart-Heating

Smart-thermostats are changing the way that homeowners manage their energy bills, because they collect data on energy usage and identify ways for the homeowner to save money. This can also be an appealing feature for tenants – those who are looking to bring down their monthly costs (which will be most tenants out there), and the offering of large savings on monthly bills gives you (the landlord) the opportunity to charge slightly more on your rent.

4. Smart-Lighting

Smart-lighting is designed to function in the same way as any other type of home-tech, in the sense that it is more energy-efficient and it thereby helps to bring down monthly costs. Plus, smart-lighting provides a versatile approach to home-lighting.

Smart-lights are controlled using a smartphone app, with various colours and levels of brightness. This means that your tenants can use your smart-lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for themselves – and you (the landlord) can manipulate the lighting when potential tenants are coming to view your property. Win-win.

The Smart-Home Solution

Being a landlord is all about turning your property into a profitable business. Making your space smarter not only provides a range of benefits for your tenants, but it also gives you leverage to justifiably charge more for your property. Take a look at our range of smart-home products to see how you can make a more profitable rental.

Oct 09 2018