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Why You Should Bring Your Old Home Up to Speed

Home-tech is gradually becoming a more prominent part of everyday life. Just about every process is being streamlined by smart-products that connect to the internet and monitor how we interact with our homes.

Prices vary, with some devices costing as little as £15 and others costing up to £400. This dramatic price difference can lead to a bit of confusion when it comes to choosing the right smart-home products, so if you’re looking at a few different devices and are wondering whether they’re right for you, take a look at our top reasons for bringing your home up to speed.

You Can Save on Bills

Smart-thermostats are one of the most efficient smart-devices on the market. They link up to your heating system and allow you to monitor your spending through the use of a handy app. You can schedule your heating to go on and off as and when it’s needed, which means you won’t waste money on heating your home unnecessarily.

Smart-thermostats let you set a room temperature and stick to it: continually changing your heating settings to ensure that you aren’t wasting energy. Scottish Power believes that you will save an average of 27% on your heating costs through installing a smart-thermostat – which means you can save up to £337 a year if your monthly heating bill is around £200!

You Can Save the Planet

Home-tech works by monitoring your energy usage and making sure you don’t use utilities unnecessarily. This is great for the environment, because energy is created in power-plants by burning fossil fuels. In the process, power-plants create carbon waste, which traps heat inside Earth’s atmosphere. This heat is detrimental to the planet, because it damages ecosystems and causes harm to wildlife.

Smart-devices help you to be more energy-efficient, which reduces the work that the power-plants have to do, and this in turn decreases the amount of gases that they produce, which is a step towards saving the planet.

You Can Increase the Value of Your Property

When you’re selling a property that is integrated with the latest technology, prospective buyers will know that it is a space that is equipped for the future. According to Barclays, your property will be more appealing to 28% of people if it has already been installed with cost-saving smart-tech. This is because housing-developers are beginning to incorporate smart-technology into their new builds.

This suggests that buyers are leaning towards properties that already have home-tech incorporated into them, rather than having to make an investment further down the line. On average, buyers are prepared to pay an extra £3,310 for a home that has smart-technology installed, meaning that you’re making an investment when you bring your home up to speed.

It Can Help in the Kitchen

Although smart-tech has mainly been focused on heating-systems and lighting, developers have recently started making smart-tech appliances for the kitchen. These are designed to make tricky cooking processes easier. You can use a smart-assistant to guide you through a recipe, while new smart-fridges monitor the food levels in your cooler and tell you what to order.

Some smart-fridges use built-in cameras to monitor the ingredients in your fridge and then suggest recipes based on its contents. These fridges can then be connected to your smart-assistant to explain the recipe in further detail.

Integrate Your Home

Whether you want to find a way to save money on your energy bills, or you want to save the planet, integrating technology into your home is the perfect way to bring your property up to speed and prepare it for the future. If you’re looking to make your home smarter, take a look at our range of home-tech products, or read our beginner’s guide to making your home smarter.

Sep 26 2018